Campfire Choir For Your Business!


Campfire Choir is a sociable musical experience where employees can come together to sing and interact whilst working as a team, singing in harmony to popular songs. All of this in a fun and relaxed environment around an indoor campfire!

Singing is proven to release feel good energy in the body and mind, therefore an excellent way to enhance employee well-being and productivity!

Campfire Choir clients include Russell-Cooke Solicitors, Chiswick Business Park (Enjoy-Work, AXA, Walt Disney, Aker Solutions, QVC, Danone, Discovery, Mizcan, IMG) and more!


How does it work?

An experienced and charismatic choir leader   will come to your office at an agreed time, armed with a guitar and a very realistic, inviting indoor campfire, and will set the scene in a suitable room in your office ready for an uplifting and motivating singing session for your employees to enjoy. Session duration varies and are typically an hour and a half at the end of the working day, or an hour during lunch time.

The sessions are guaranteed to leave everyone energised, refreshed and, importantly, valued by their employer!


Please get in touch for further information and pricing