Community Group Sessions (FAQ's)

The Community Campfire Choir Sessions!

How much do the sessions cost? (Not applicable to corporate sessions)

Campfire Choir Membership is between £66.00 - £96.00 per person per 12-week term (that's between £5.50 - £8.00 per session), payable in advance on a termly basis. Price is subject to numbers in the group.

Can I pay per session? (Not applicable to corporate sessions)

Full membership is encouraged as you really benefit the most from singing regularly every week. It also enables me to guarantee there will be a group for members to sing with each week!

A Pay As You Go option is available at £10 per session, payable on the night.

When do the sessions run and for how long? (Not applicable to corporate sessions)

Campfire Choir sessions currently run on Tuesday evenings for an hour and a half from 8pm to 9.30pm at Cambrian Community Centre, Caplan Court, 1 Grove Road, Richmond, TW10 6SL.

What happens at a Campfire Choir session?

The sessions start with a light physical and vocal warm up to get your body, mind and vocal chords focused and ready to sing at your best. This can be followed by vocal teasers and ear training exercises to help sharpen your ears and enhance your musicality. Then we begin learning great songs in harmony and singing them either acappella or accompanied by acoustic guitar. All this in a cosy, informal and fun environment around a campfire! The fire is fake, of course, but very realistic :-)

The sessions are fun and relaxed with plenty of laughter, support and encouragement.

What do I need to bring to the session?

All you need to bring are your lyric sheets. These are available to be downloaded and printed from the Member's page

Do I have to be able to read music?

Absolutely not! We don't use sheet music. I teach the sessions by ear.

What support is available in between sessions?

Once registered and fully paid up, members have exclusive access to the Member's page containing all audio and lyrics.

How do I know if I sing top or bottom?

This is something we will discover during the sessions. The main thing is to sing a part that you feel comfortable with, which could change from song to song, and that is absolutely fine.

How will I improve my singing?

Simply by singing regularly in the group and giving your voice a good work out. During the sessions I will be addressing vocal techniques, dynamics, articulation, harmony and rhythm as we go along. Plus you have the resources in the Member's area to use at home.

How many people will there be in the group? (Not applicable to corporate sessions)

Currently there are around 25 members in the group... and counting! :-)

Will we do public performances?

Campfire Choir is not about singing with a performance in mind, but just to sing for the sheer joy of it! If performance opportunities come up, then you are free to get involved, but no pressure at all to do so.

Will we get to hear ourselves sing?

Yes. I do make some recordings from the sessions on occasion :-) If we do any performances, they are sometimes recorded too.?