Community Group Sessions (FAQ's)

The Community Campfire Choir Sessions!

How much do the sessions cost? (Not applicable to corporate sessions)

Campfire Choir Membership is £96.00 per household of two adults per 12-week term (that's just £8.00 per session for you and one other person that you live with), payable in advance on a termly basis. Dependents can be included in the membership, subject to age and maturity.

What about single people? Can I bring a friend under my membership?

Yes. You can also benefit from the 'household' scheme by including one friend. If your friend then wanted to bring someone, or you had another friend who wanted to come along, they would need to pay the full membership and would then be eligible to bring someone else under their membership. Dependents can be included in the membership, subject to age and maturity.

Can I pay per session? (Not applicable to corporate sessions)

Full membership is encouraged as you really benefit the most from singing regularly every week. It also enables me to guarantee there will be a group for members to sing with each week!

When do the sessions run and for how long? (Not applicable to corporate sessions)

Campfire Choir sessions currently run on Wednesday evenings for an hour and a half from 8pm to 9.30pm at The Cabbage Patch, 67 London Road, Twickenham, TW1 3SZ.

What happens at a Campfire Choir session?

You simply step into a classic, relaxing and familiar campfire environment, settle in, say hi to your friends for the evening and let the fun begin! Simples! :-)

What do I need to bring to the session?

Just yourselves. All lyrics are provided in the Campfire Choir Songbook, available for purchase for the production cost price of £9.

Do I have to be able to read music?

Not at all. We don't use sheet music. The songs are mostly songs that we know and love, enhanced by group vocal harmony. Everything is taught by ear.


How do I know if I sing top or bottom?

This is something we will discover during the sessions. The main thing is to sing a part that you feel comfortable with, which could change from song to song, and that is absolutely fine.

How will I improve my singing?

Simply by singing regularly. Your vocal chords are muscles and get better with good use!

How many people will there be in the group? (Not applicable to corporate sessions)

Currently there are around 15 members in the group... and counting! :-)

Will we do public performances?

Campfire Choir is not about singing with a performance in mind, but just to sing for the sheer joy of it! That said, The Cabbage Patch has plenty of community inspiring performance opportunities, so if you want to perform with the group, you can, but no pressure if it's not your thing :-)

Will we get to hear ourselves sing?

Yes. I do make some recordings from the sessions for practice purposes on occasion :-)