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  • Regarding Campfire Choir
  • I really enjoyed it! Mainly because of the relaxed nature and everyone felt welcome despite ability.

    I enjoyed the relaxed nature of the session and how Odette got us singing in harmony pretty quickly

    Odette`s energy is contagious and full of positivity

    I had never done a singing warm up before which was really fun! Loved doing the chords and being able to complete a whole song within the time we had

    Everyone started from an equal footing, despite different abilities

    I really enjoyed learning the harmonies and how friendly our tutor was.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it - hadn't expected to learn to sing a song in harmony in the time available.

    Really liked Odette. Very fun, enjoyable session.

    I really enjoyed the fact that we managed to learn a whole song in relatively short time. I enjoyed the whole hour and wish it was longer!:)

    It was fun and not too complicated.

    Odette put everyone at ease and no-one felt intimidated. I was impressed how quickly she got everyone singing and how good it sounded

    Very relaxed & enjoyable

    Odette's style was informal and made us all feel at ease - even if you wern't a professional singer!

    The tutor and style was very laidback and engaging and didn't provide that immense pressure for people who weren't as experienced as others. It allowed the collaborative harmony of voices to bring together and give that feeling of teamwork and enjoyment.

    Absolutely adoroable - I want more!!!

    Loved the Odette! She was excellent! talented, passionate and listened to any questions people had.

    Friendly, well paced

    I thought Odette led the group brilliantly and really made everyone feel comfortable. She was very encouraging and fun.

    Her style was engaging & fun. She got everyone involved & built a good rapport quickly. I didn't feel embarrassed which I had expected to given my lack of experience

    Really liked Odette's style, encouraging, friendly, upbeat, not too serious.

    I love Odette's charisma, positive vibes and enthusiasm. She put everyone at ease and came across as an excellent tutor. She created a really fun singing environment and had a great energy!

    I really liked Odette and thought what she acheived in just an hour was great.

    Fantastic time! Many thanks
    - Andrew, Russell-Cooke

    I am loving choir. Thanks for making it so fab!
    - Becky, Russell-Cooke

    Odette! Thank you for bringing some musicality to Russell-Cooke! Singing at the end of a long working day has been JOYFUL! Thank you!
    - Sarah, Russell-Cooke

    It's been fantastic and you've worked wonders! Thank you very much
    - Annette, Russell-Cooke

    This has been one of the most fun and enjoyable experiences of my life! Thank you for your patience and encouragement!
    - Mala, Russell-Cooke

    Thank you for all your hard work whipping us into shape!
    - Sarah B, Russell-Cooke

    Often team building exercises can seem like a return to the playground, Odette Adams's enthusiasm and good humour provided an activity in which everyone enjoyed working together to produce a collective product that was actually surprisingly good
    - John Gould, Russell-Cooke

    Dear Odette, thank you so much for all your time and patience. It's been fab and we sound pretty darn good!!
    - Tashe, Russell-Cooke

    Your lovely voice and sunny enthusiasm has made our singing sessions a real joy and I have loved every moment
    - Deborah, Russell-Cooke

    What a special experience this has been. Thank you so much
    - Sarah R, Russell-Cooke

    Thanks for your humour, skill and patience. Good times!
    - Paul, Russell-Cooke

    Thanks for such an inspirational experience
    - John, Russell-Cooke

    Thank you for all your time and encouragement, Odette. It has been a great experience. Thank you!
    - Sarah W, Russell-Cooke


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